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Overcoming SD Card Write Restrictions

I think all of us have encountered the SD card write restrictions on Android KitKat devices at some time or the other. What makes it really annoying is that it is necessary for security, and cannot be bypassed without root access.

What I am going to propose here is a kind of long hack. One needs some knowledge of SSH/SCP file transfers to attempt this procedure.

(If you have a SD card reader, you could just use that instead)

First of all, install the SSHDroid app on your device. This allows you to run a SSH server on your device, which can be accessed from your computer. Once this is done, just open the app to start running the server.

It should look something like this -:

If you are on Linux, fire up your file manager (Nautilus/PCManFM/etc), and search for the option to connect to a server. For example, PCManFM has the following -:

Choose the SSH/SFTP protocol, enter the server details, and connect to the server. The default credentials are root and password admin. Now look for the path /sdcard or /sdcard0. This is a symlink to the internal memory of the Android device.

Now the procedure is simple: copy/move all the files that you wish to move to the SD card to your PC (which is connected to the SSH server). Once you are done, close the connection. Now connect your device via USB to get access to the SD card. Copy all your files to the SD card from your PC.

And there you have it! Admittedly this is a bit long, but for someone used to doing it all the time, it wasn’t much of a problem for me. If you are even more terminal savvy, I would suggest keeping the device connected via USB the whole time, and using the terminal (scp command) to transfer files directly to the SD card from the internal memory (I haven’t tested this as of yet).

Or you could just root. That too.